On August 12th, we've organised a complimentary city tour to Puri and Konark.
Presentation Guidelines:
Oral Presentation Guidelines:
  • Oral presentation is for 10 mins, and it is recommended to make max 10 slides highlighting Applications, novelty/contributions, merits, and results. 5 min is for Q&A
  • is headed by one session chair and supported by two volunteers. Request the authors to load the presentation in the laptop provided in the presentation hall.
Poster Presentation Guidelines:
  • There will be 80 posters presented during the conference, it is essential that your poster is put up just before the session on 10th and 11th August 2023 and removed immediately after it has ended. You must be present at your poster for the duration of your assigned poster session.
  • The size of the poster panel that is available to each presenter is: 3 Feet (high) x 2 Feet (wide)
Online presentation guidelines:
Programme schedule:
Programme schedule for ISV Conference:

Looking forward to seeing you in the conference.

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SEFET -2023